In recent years, R&E’s leadership and company has grown from the original owners Carl Reichhardt and Greg Ebe back in 1993, now to include a partnership of several owners and leaders.

Leadership Bios

Carl Reichhardt, P.E., Principal, Co-Founder, Past President (bio)

Luis Ponce, P.E., Principal, President (bio)

Dale Buys, P.E., Principal, Co-Vice President (bio)

Nathan Zylstra, P.E., Principal, Secretary/Treasurer (bio)

Strong Staff Support

In addition to our leadership and management staff, R&E also employs a number of Project Managers and Project Engineers to aid in the management and production of our projects. Our Principals, Project Managers and Project Engineers work in teams to efficiently and effectively produce high quality products, and where our scope of work allows we will serve our clients from design through construction completion. As we strive to continually learn and stay abreast to the latest construction techniques and construction industry advancements, we keep our design engineering staff involved in the Construction Management process in an effort to continually improve on our designs.

Additional support staff includes CADD, Construction Contract Administration, and Construction Inspection Staff. Our CADD staff is trained in the current AutoCAD Civil 3D drafting production tools. Our Construction Contract Administration Staff is trained through the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Local Technical Assistance Program and WSDOT Highways and Local Programs, keeping them on the cutting edge of current policies and regulations on the local, state and federal levels. Our Construction Inspection Staff all have a minimum of 30 years experience in construction observation and inspection, with expertise ranging from water systems, to roadway and highways to bridges and structures.

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