Culvert replacement

Status: Completed 2009

Construction Cost: $1.25 Million (state & local funding)

Team members involved:

  • Nathan Zylstra, Project Manger
  • Barbara Burke, Contract Administration
  • GeoTest Services, Materials Testing

Description:  R&E’s scope of work included design PS&E, construction management and inspection services for the replacement of the existing failed 17th Street Culvert on Double Ditch with a single span precast voided slab bridge.  Work included removal of the existing culvert and fill, construction of the bridge on cast-in-place piles, construction of sheet pile and Hilfiker style walls, stream channel restoration, mitigation plantings, and public involvement.  Unusual challenges included close proximity of the structure to existing residences as well as over steepened channel banks.  Of particular concern was the potential for headcut of the channel upon removal of the existing culvert and vibration monitoring during construction activities.

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