Sanitary Sewer Design and Construction

Status: Completed February 2006

Construction Cost: This $1.6 million project was funded with City funds.

Description:  Development of PS&E and construction management for installation of approximately 7,000 linear feet of 27” and 18” sanitary sewer line, 24” storm drain line, and reconstruction of 3,000 linear feet of Imhoff Road.  The sanitary sewer mains presented challenging construction conditions as sections of these lines were up to 20’ deep in areas with a high groundwater table, water sensitive soils, and was constructed during the winter.  R&E provided specific groundwater hydraulics information (pump rates, groundwater table recovery calculations), dewatering specifications, and a groundwater dewatering pay item.  This eliminated potential claims by removing any dewatering ambiguities and providing a fair method of compensating the contractor for dewatering. Other R&E duties included permitting and coordination with other utilities, City staff, County, and the public.  This project was completed in 2006.

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