Road Construction

Status:  Completed March 2009

Project Dates: October 2006 – March 2009

Construction Cost:  $1.3 Million

Federal Funding: Federal Aid – STPUS

Team members involved:

Nathan Zylstra, Project Manager

Herman Traffic Engineering – Signal Design

Certified Land Services – ROW Acquisition

Widener & Associates – Environmental

GeoEngineers – Geotechnical

Responsibilities and Tasks: Nathan acted as project manager for all aspects of design and construction management.

Description:  Work for this project included design PS&E, permitting, construction management and inspection. The intersection was improved to facilitate better mobility and level of service. This project included the widening of College Way (SR 538) and Riverside Drive from five to seven lanes and the installation of a new traffic signal and drainage upgrades. This project was within Commercial zoning and included extensive right-of-way acquisition from 20 commercial properties, converting overhead utilities to underground, close coordination between WSDOT and franchise utilities as well as identification of construction sequence and phasing schemes to minimize impact to the traveling public. Design coordination with WSDOT was also necessary to properly accommodate a future WSDOT construction project which would convert the intersection from conventional asphalt surfacing to concrete surfacing. This coordination included assisting WSDOT with vertical profile elements, ensuring that proper drainage was maintained in the interim period, and design and construction of curb grades and alignments that functioned in the interim and final surfacing configuration. Nathan was responsible for assuring the following state and federal requirements were met:  Section 106, ECS, ROW Certification, WSDOT PS&E review/approval, Bid Tab review/evaluation, DBE Bid Review, construction documentation in accordance with Construction Manual, FHWA, State, and WSDOT requirements.

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