Trenchless Design

Construction Cost: $500,000 (local funds)

Status: Completed March 2008

Description: Development of PS&E and construction management for installation of approximately 3,600 linear feet of 6” water main, and installation of 1,600 linear feet of 8” OD and 14” OD high density polyethylene pipe using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). HDD was proposed to go under Fishtrap Creek, a WDFW typed stream. By using HDD at Fishtrap Creek, were able to obtain an HPA from WDFW within 2 weeks. The 14” high density polyethylene pipe was placed under SR 539. Other responsibilities included permitting and coordination with other utilities, property owners, WSDOT, and City staff.  This project was completed in March 2008 on schedule and below budget.

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