Comprehensive Stormwater Plan Design

Status:  In progress

Description:  This plan involves an inventory of the municipality’s existing facilities and characterization of the general drainage system, both basin level and specific conveyance.  With this information an existing condition model will be created to verify the capacity of the existing system. Based on the municipalities zoning a “full build-out” model will be created.

This “full build-out” model allows the city to predict the future sizing requirements for conveyance features.  A table will be created which lists system deficiencies in both the existing and future condition; it also identifies the predicted size in the full build-out scenario.  Associated with the identified capital improvements, a cost estimate is then provided.  The end result of this analysis gives the municipality information to plan system upgrades for their own projects, developer projects, and to establish a stormwater utility fee.  It becomes a critical tool for both capital projects and during the development review process.  In addition to these benefits we will identify potential locations for regional stormwater mitigation facilities.

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