Main Street Improvements & Neubauer Stormwater Facility, City of Ferndale, WA

Stormwater Design and Construction Management

Status: Completed 2004

Construction Cost:  $5.2 Million ($5.0 Million TIB and BRAC)

Description: Work for the Main Street Improvements included design, permitting, funding administration, signal and interconnect design, channelization, contract administration, and project inspection.  Project provided for bridge widening, bridge seismic upgrades, ADA facilities and bike lanes, reconstruction of 3,200 LF of downtown streets through a historic district, storm drainage, detention and treatment facilities.  This project required coordination with over 10 public utilities and City staff response tracking. This project also included the construction of a wetpond servicing 60 acres of commercial property, street and bridge drainage.  A new stormwater outfall was constructed to the Nooksack River.  Dale Buys was the Design Engineer.

West Lynden Conveyance System and Regional Stormwater Facility, City of Lynden, WA

Stormwater Design and Construction Management

Status: Completed 2003

Construction Cost: This $2.1 Million project was privately funded and eventually taken over by the City.

Description: After performing the Comprehensive Plan for the 200 acre West Lynden Commercial and Industrial Area, which recommended regional stormwater, R&E contracted with a group of West Lynden property owners to design and monitor construction of a 30 acre regional stormwater facility which serves the entire West Lynden Area (200 acres).  The project consists of 4,000 LF of 60-inch diameter CPDP conveying stormwater to a 60 acre-foot detention facility with wetpond, filter strip and infiltration for enhanced treatment.   The project also serves State Route 539 and ownership has been transferred to the City of Lynden.

Regional Stormwater Facility Improvements, City of Ferndale, WA

Stormwater Construction Management

Status:  Completed 2003

Construction Cost:  $2.2 Million (Federal and local funding)

Description:  The intent of this R&E project was to develop this route as a connection between the I-5 Interchange at Slater Road and the I-5 crossing at West Smith Road and provide infrastructure to a manufacturing area to promote economic development. Scope of work included design, contract administration, permitting, and construction management. Permitting included HPA, BE, SEPA, JARPA, Section 106, and DOE 401.  Project also involved extensive right-of-way and property acquisition. The stormwater facility services 30 acres including detention, water quality (wetpond) and outfall to Silver Creek for street and industrial property runoff.

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