Church Road Improvements, City of Ferndale, WA

Church Road Improvements

photo credit: Katy Radder

Status: Completed 2014

Construction Cost: $3.6 Million (Federal, TIB, & Local Funding)

Description: R&E’s scope of work included preparing the PS&E, obtaining the required permits, ROW acquisition assistance, utility coordination, and funding administration. The project will widen and reconstruct 3,700 LF of a Collector street, including installation of ADA facilities and bike lanes, sidewalks, bus pull outs, storm drain conveyance, sanitary sewer system, watermain upgrades, relocation of power poles, and installing retaining walls. This project required coordination with public utilities, local residents, and City staff.

SR 544 (Pole Rd.) Intersection Improvements, Whatcom County Public Works, WA

Intersection Design

Status: Completed 2009

Project Dates: October 2005 – June 2009

Project Cost: $2.5 Million (local funding)

Staff Involved / Roles/Responsibility:

Luis Ponce – Project Manager.

Nathan Zylstra – Design Engineer.

Widener & Associates – Environmental Permitting.

Herman Traffic Engineering – Traffic Signal Design.

Certified Land Services – Right of Way Acquisition.

GeoEngineers – Geotechnical Design.

Description:  Development of PS&E for roadway widening and left turn lanes on all approaches to the intersection. Project required right of way acquisition, permitting, and coordination between WSDOT, Whatcom County and utility companies, and private property owners to resolve project issues. The 4-way stop controlled intersection was replaced with a traffic signal and channelization to improve traffic flow and safety. 2,500 LF of roadway was reconstructed with new curb, gutter, and sidewalk. R&E and HTE developed a private property access plan that would be agreeable to the affected property owners, WSDOT and Whatcom County.

College Way/Riverside Drive Improvements, City of Mount Vernon, WA

Road Construction

Status:  Completed March 2009

Project Dates: October 2006 – March 2009

Construction Cost:  $1.3 Million

Federal Funding: Federal Aid – STPUS

Team members involved:

Nathan Zylstra, Project Manager

Herman Traffic Engineering – Signal Design

Certified Land Services – ROW Acquisition

Widener & Associates – Environmental

GeoEngineers – Geotechnical

Responsibilities and Tasks: Nathan acted as project manager for all aspects of design and construction management.

Description:  Work for this project included design PS&E, permitting, construction management and inspection. The intersection was improved to facilitate better mobility and level of service. This project included the widening of College Way (SR 538) and Riverside Drive from five to seven lanes and the installation of a new traffic signal and drainage upgrades. This project was within Commercial zoning and included extensive right-of-way acquisition from 20 commercial properties, converting overhead utilities to underground, close coordination between WSDOT and franchise utilities as well as identification of construction sequence and phasing schemes to minimize impact to the traveling public. Design coordination with WSDOT was also necessary to properly accommodate a future WSDOT construction project which would convert the intersection from conventional asphalt surfacing to concrete surfacing. This coordination included assisting WSDOT with vertical profile elements, ensuring that proper drainage was maintained in the interim period, and design and construction of curb grades and alignments that functioned in the interim and final surfacing configuration. Nathan was responsible for assuring the following state and federal requirements were met:  Section 106, ECS, ROW Certification, WSDOT PS&E review/approval, Bid Tab review/evaluation, DBE Bid Review, construction documentation in accordance with Construction Manual, FHWA, State, and WSDOT requirements.

Vista and Malloy Roundabout Project, City of Ferndale, WA

Road Construction

Status:  Completed 2007

Construction Cost:  $1.6 Million (TIB and local funding)

Team members involved: R&E (Luis Ponce, PM)

Description:  R&E prepared PS&E and construction management for channelization, curb, gutter, and sidewalk, pavement markings, traffic signing, illumination, storm and sanitary sewer and water main for an urban single-lane roundabout at the Vista Dr./Malloy Rd./Ferndale Ter. intersection in the City of Ferndale.  The project involved roundabout evaluation, roadway realignment and right of way acquisition to combine four existing, closely-spaced intersections into one roundabout intersection, and utility relocation coordination.  The ROW required three full takes (2 homes and 1 business), approximately 16 strip takes, and easements from the School District.  Located adjacent to the local high school, the roundabout benefits the area with its traffic calming effects.

East Grover St. Reconstruction, City of Lynden, WA

Road Construction

Status:  Completed September 2010

Project Dates: June 2009 – September 2010

Construction Cost:  $2.7 Million

Consultant Fee: Design $141,000; Construction Management $274,000

Federal Funding: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and local funding

Project Manager:  Larry Leicht, Project Manager

Description: This project consisted of street improvements to Grover Street from Lawrence to the RR tracks, Nooksack Avenue from Grover to Drayton, Front Street from Bender to Tierney, and Lynn Street from Front to Grover. The project included: 600 lineal feet of sanitary sewer replacement, 1180 lineal feet of sanitary sewer lining, and 6100 lineal feet of water main replacement.  Work included removal of existing pavement, curbs and sidewalks, grading, installing storm drainage, sanitary sewers, and water mains, placing gravel base and crushed surfacing, asphalt concrete paving, installing curbs, gutters, and sidewalks and landscaping. This project is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Kok Road Reconstruction, City of Lynden, WA

Road and Bridge Construction

Road and Bridge Construction

Status: Design Completed 2010, Started Construction February 2011, Construction Completed August 2011

Cost: Engineers Estimate $2.2 Million

Description: The project consists of street improvements to Kok Road from 200 feet east of Fishtrap Creek to 17th Street. Work includes removal of existing pavement, curbs and sidewalks and grading. Storm drainage installation icludes both water quality and infiltration underdrain systems, a sanitary sewer gravity and force main, and water main replacement. Project includes placing gravel base, asphalt concrete paving, installing curbs, gutters, and sidewalks and landscaping.

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