Main Street Fishtrap Creek Culvert Replacement, City of Lynden, WA

Main Street Fishtrap Creek Lynden

Status: Completed 2014

Construction Cost: $2.4 Million (Federal)

Description: R&E’s scope of work included preparation of design PS&E and Construction Management for the federally funded replacement of the Main Street culvert at Fishtrap Creek. The existing culvert was removed and replaced with a 96 foot single span bridge structure using precast concrete girders, cast in place bridge deck and supported on cast in place concrete pile foundations. Other work also includes structural earth walls, utility underground conversion, water, sewer and storm drainage improvements as well as decorative street lighting. Particular design challenges include a channel skew of 45 degrees to the roadway, high potential for headcut upon removal of the existing culvert which could have an effect on channel bank stability up and downstream of the project. Additionally Main Street is a major east/west arterial street which is driving a tight construction sequence and timeline. The project was funded with FHWA – ER money.

Kok Road Bridge Replacement, City of Lynden, WA

Bridge Design and Construction

Status:Completed 2012

Construction Cost: $2.3 Million (Federal)

Description: R&E performed design and construction management for the replacement of the Kok Rd. Bridge over Fishtrap Creek.  The project replaced the existing three span bridge with a 70 foot single span precast concrete girder bridge with cast-in-place concrete deck, supported on cast-in-place concrete piles.  The bridge work also included structural earth walls, approach slabs and installation of water main, gravity sanitary sewer main, sanitary sewer force main, communications conduit, gas main and duct bank installed within the girder bays as well as the construction of drainage improvements and a stormwater facility

Lawson St. Pedestrian Bridge, City of Sumas, WA

Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge

Status: Completed February 2002

Cost: $131,000 (Federal)

Team Members Involved:

  • Dale Buys, Project Manager / Inspector
  • GeoTest Services, Materials Testing

Description: The scope of work involved initial site analysis, conceptual plans, funding, permitting, and PS&E.  Work for this project included construction of concrete bridge abutments, furnishing and driving cast-in-place piles, wing walls, transition walls, construction and placement of a prefabricated aluminum pedestrian bridge as well as storm water mitigation facilities.  This project included Federal funds.  R&E provided Federal level construction management and contract administration for this project.

17th Street Culvert Replacement Project, City of Lynden, WA

Culvert replacement

Culvert replacement

Status: Completed 2009

Construction Cost: $1.25 Million (state & local funding)

Team members involved:

  • Nathan Zylstra, Project Manger
  • Barbara Burke, Contract Administration
  • GeoTest Services, Materials Testing

Description:  R&E’s scope of work included design PS&E, construction management and inspection services for the replacement of the existing failed 17th Street Culvert on Double Ditch with a single span precast voided slab bridge.  Work included removal of the existing culvert and fill, construction of the bridge on cast-in-place piles, construction of sheet pile and Hilfiker style walls, stream channel restoration, mitigation plantings, and public involvement.  Unusual challenges included close proximity of the structure to existing residences as well as over steepened channel banks.  Of particular concern was the potential for headcut of the channel upon removal of the existing culvert and vibration monitoring during construction activities.

Main Street Bridge Improvements Project, City of Ferndale, WA

Bride Improvement

Bride Improvement

Status:  Completed 2004

Construction Cost:  $5.2 Million (BRAC, TIB, and local funding)

Team members involved:

  • Luis Ponce, Project Manager
  • Ken Huff, Inspection
  • GeoTest Services, Materials Testing

Description: R&E developed PS&E and performed construction management and inspection for improvements to Main Street and the Main Street Bridge located in City Center.  This project entailed widening an existing 500 foot span steel and concrete bridge over the Nooksack River, reconstructing 0.8 miles of street including curb, gutter and sidewalk, interconnecting signals, converting overhead utilities to underground, constructing new water mains, and storm drainage and treatment facilities.  Other responsibilities included permitting, ROW acquisition, funding administration, coordination with over 10 public utilities and City staff, and material testing oversight.

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