Vista and Malloy Roundabout Project, City of Ferndale, WA

Road Construction

Status:  Completed 2007

Construction Cost:  $1.6 Million (TIB and local funding)

Team members involved: R&E (Luis Ponce, PM)

Description:  R&E prepared PS&E and construction management for channelization, curb, gutter, and sidewalk, pavement markings, traffic signing, illumination, storm and sanitary sewer and water main for an urban single-lane roundabout at the Vista Dr./Malloy Rd./Ferndale Ter. intersection in the City of Ferndale.  The project involved roundabout evaluation, roadway realignment and right of way acquisition to combine four existing, closely-spaced intersections into one roundabout intersection, and utility relocation coordination.  The ROW required three full takes (2 homes and 1 business), approximately 16 strip takes, and easements from the School District.  Located adjacent to the local high school, the roundabout benefits the area with its traffic calming effects.

2nd Avenue Roadway Extension Project, City of Ferndale, WA

Road Construction

Status: Completed August 2010

Project Dates: September 2009 – August 2010

Construction Cost:  $4.4 Million

Consultant Fee: Design $533,000; Construction Management $74,000 (provided CM only as requested by the City)

Federal Funding: Federal Aid – $1.54 Million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Project Manger: Luis Ponce, Project Manager

Description:  3,000 LF roadway reconstruction project.  The project reconstructed and widened 2nd Avenue, from Washington Street to Eaton Street.  A new road was extended north from Eaton to the Portal Way/I-5 Interchange.  A roundabout was constructed at the Portal Way/I-5 Interchange. This project included right-of-way acquisition, environmental justice documentation/approval, noise report/approval, ECS, Corp Wetland Permit, BNSF/WUTC crossing and upgrade permits, roundabout evaluation, WSDOT roundabout geometry/channelization approval, and utility coordination.  Also included were horizontal directional drilling (HDD) of two – 12” water mains and jacking of 100 linear feet of 24” steel casing under BNSF tracks, undergrounding overhead utilities, and public coordination. The design, including permitting and ROW acquisition, was completed in approximately 10 months.

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