Lawson St. Pedestrian Bridge, City of Sumas, WA

Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge

Status: Completed February 2002

Cost: $131,000 (Federal)

Team Members Involved:

  • Dale Buys, Project Manager / Inspector
  • GeoTest Services, Materials Testing

Description: The scope of work involved initial site analysis, conceptual plans, funding, permitting, and PS&E.  Work for this project included construction of concrete bridge abutments, furnishing and driving cast-in-place piles, wing walls, transition walls, construction and placement of a prefabricated aluminum pedestrian bridge as well as storm water mitigation facilities.  This project included Federal funds.  R&E provided Federal level construction management and contract administration for this project.

Sterling Street and Township Sanitary Sewer Improvements City of Sedro-Woolley, WA

Sanitary Sewer Design and Construction

Status:  Completed 2008

Cost:  $3.8 Million (PWTF and local funding)

Description:  Work performed by R&E on this project included initial conveyance analysis, preliminary plans, budget analysis, construction plans and specifications, project inspection, and contract administration.  This project included installation of 7,300 lineal feet of 30-inch and 36-inch sanitary sewer, 7,300 lineal feet of 6-inch re-use water line, road reconstruction, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and ADA pedestrian facilities.

Water System Improvements, City of Lynden, WA

Water Systems Design

Status:  Completed

Cost:  $8 million included DWSRF and USDA funds.

Description: Scope of work included planning, design, permitting, funding administration, contract administration, and construction management. This was a very innovative and successful project, with the purpose of converting the City’s water supply from a gravity system with elevated tanks to a closed pumping system, without disrupting water service, and increasing the CT while reducing the amount of chlorine in the distribution system. The project consisted of:

  1. Upgrading the raw water pumps at the Nooksack River and installing an emergency power supply.
  2. Constructing a 6-million gallon welded steel storage tank including a cathodic protection system and a dedicated fill line from the nearby treatment plant.
  3. Complete rehabilitation of an existing 3-million gallon welded steel water tank including a cathodic protection system and 1-mile of 16” dedicated fill line from the treatment plant.
  4. Installation of D.I. 16”, 18” and 24” piping and fittings at the water treatment and Booster pump station.
  5. Installing four new pumps at the water treatment plant to fill the two reservoirs from the clearwell.
  6. Constructing a 7,000 gpm booster pump station with variable frequency drives and auxiliary chlorination system at the 6-million gallon tank.
  7. Constructing a 4,000 gpm booster pump station with variable frequency drives, auxiliary chlorination system and emergency power supply at the 3-million gallon tank.
  8.  Modifications to the existing water treatment plant, including new filter controls chemical feed system and emergency power supply.
  9. Modifying water treatment plant piping to work with the new pumping system and convert from the old gravity tank system to the new system.
  10. Modifying the distribution system to provide change over the water transmission lines from the old gravity tanks to the new pumping plants.  This included several thousand feet of 12” – 24” ductile iron pipe.
  11. Installing a complete SCADA system linking all components with fiber optic and backup radio controls.
  12. Decommissioning and removal of two old elevated water tanks located at the middle school grounds.
  13. Developing the CT reporting system on an excel spreadsheet.

East Division Street Waterline Replacement Project, Skagit County PUD #1, WA

Water System Grant Prep and Design

Status: Completed 2011

Cost: This project will be constructed by Skagit PUD #1

Description: R&E in coordination with Skagit PUD #1 designed approximately 1000 LF of new 12” DI water line to replace an existing 12” AC line. Design elements included: reconnection to existing system, restrained joints, thrust blocking, connecting to and new service connections, hydrant connections, construction and component detailing in accordance with Skagit PUD #1 & City of Mount Vernon standards. Additionally, R&E will be providing support during construction operations for field modifications as necessary.

Well 5.1, City of Blaine, WA

Well Design and Construction Management

Status: Completed

Construction Cost: $117,000

Description: This project was for the commissioning of Well 5.1, Blaine, Washington. Work included installation of an enclosed pump house, wellhead assembly, associated electrical needs, approximately 1,500 lineal feet of 8-inch water main, and other work necessary to bring a significant source on-line for the Blaine water system.

Vista and Malloy Roundabout Project, City of Ferndale, WA

Road Construction

Status:  Completed 2007

Construction Cost:  $1.6 Million (TIB and local funding)

Team members involved: R&E (Luis Ponce, PM)

Description:  R&E prepared PS&E and construction management for channelization, curb, gutter, and sidewalk, pavement markings, traffic signing, illumination, storm and sanitary sewer and water main for an urban single-lane roundabout at the Vista Dr./Malloy Rd./Ferndale Ter. intersection in the City of Ferndale.  The project involved roundabout evaluation, roadway realignment and right of way acquisition to combine four existing, closely-spaced intersections into one roundabout intersection, and utility relocation coordination.  The ROW required three full takes (2 homes and 1 business), approximately 16 strip takes, and easements from the School District.  Located adjacent to the local high school, the roundabout benefits the area with its traffic calming effects.

SR 539 Watermain Improvements Project, City of Lynden, WA

Trenchless Design

Construction Cost: $500,000 (local funds)

Status: Completed March 2008

Description: Development of PS&E and construction management for installation of approximately 3,600 linear feet of 6” water main, and installation of 1,600 linear feet of 8” OD and 14” OD high density polyethylene pipe using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). HDD was proposed to go under Fishtrap Creek, a WDFW typed stream. By using HDD at Fishtrap Creek, were able to obtain an HPA from WDFW within 2 weeks. The 14” high density polyethylene pipe was placed under SR 539. Other responsibilities included permitting and coordination with other utilities, property owners, WSDOT, and City staff.  This project was completed in March 2008 on schedule and below budget.

2nd Avenue Extension Project, City of Ferndale, WA

Trenchless Design Grant Prep Constrtuction Management

Status: Completed August 2010

Cost:  $4.4 Million ($1.4 Million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (federal stimulus); & local funding)

Description: R&E developed PS&E for this project. Work for this 3,000 foot project included design, permitting, funding administration, channelization, utility coordination, and contract administration. The project will reconstruct and widen 2nd Street, from Washington Street to Eaton Street with a new road north of the 2nd Street/Eaton Street intersection to the Portal Way/I-5 Interchange. A roundabout will be constructed at the Portal Way/I-5 Interchange. Improvements include installation of approximately 400 linear feet of 14” OD high-density polyethylene pipe using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and jacking 100 linear feet of 24” steel casing under one BNSF crossing. By using HDD for two BNSF crossings, obtained one BNSF pipe crossing permit within 1 week and the other within 3 weeks. Other work included reconstructing roadway, sidewalk, curb and gutter, replacement of deteriorating utilities as well as new utilities where none currently exist. The design, including permitting, was fast tracked and completed in approximately 10 months. R&E is currently providing the City with construction management assistance. Design completed July 2009; Jacking completed November 2009; HDD completed March 2010; Overall construction completion July 2010.

2009 Sanitary Sewer CIPP Project, City of Sedro-Woolley, WA

Trenchless Design Construction Management

Status: Completed 2010

Construction Cost: $168,274 (local funding)

Description: The scope of work performed for this project included the design, plan and specification development, contract administration and project inspection for the rehabilitation of a total of 4015 LF of existing sanitary sewer pipe and nine sanitary sewer manholes. Cured-in-Place Pipe rehabilitation materials utilized on this project included 4015 LF of 8-inch diameter CIPP, 8-inch diameter CIPP point repair, and 6-inch diameter top hat side service CIPP repair. The manhole rehabilitation materials utilized on the project included spray applied polymer monolithic lining as well as a composite CIPP manhole lining system.

Main Street Improvements & Neubauer Stormwater Facility, City of Ferndale, WA

Stormwater Design and Construction Management

Status: Completed 2004

Construction Cost:  $5.2 Million ($5.0 Million TIB and BRAC)

Description: Work for the Main Street Improvements included design, permitting, funding administration, signal and interconnect design, channelization, contract administration, and project inspection.  Project provided for bridge widening, bridge seismic upgrades, ADA facilities and bike lanes, reconstruction of 3,200 LF of downtown streets through a historic district, storm drainage, detention and treatment facilities.  This project required coordination with over 10 public utilities and City staff response tracking. This project also included the construction of a wetpond servicing 60 acres of commercial property, street and bridge drainage.  A new stormwater outfall was constructed to the Nooksack River.  Dale Buys was the Design Engineer.

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