Construction Management

R&E provides full service construction management for in-house designed projects as well as outside designs. Our services include project management, contract administration, construction project engineering, and construction inspection/observation. We have a continuing record of completing construction management in full compliance with WSDOT and Federal Highways Administration requirements.

We at R&E believe that our approach to Project Management is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our teams develop close working relationships between all involved, from the project manager, to field inspectors, on to our project administration staff. We utilize custom developed spreadsheets to accurately track material submissions, determine composite pay factors, and more.

R&E staff has the ability to provide all aspects of Construction Management services including project documentation that meets the requirements for local, state and federally funded projects. Our services include project inspection, federal funded project documentation expertise, constructability reviews and full project management services.


Why our expertise makes a difference:

In our professional experiences we have noted that civil designers sometimes become so focused on a design that they fail to recognize potential ramifications during construction. These types of issues often seem to arise through constructability issues and methods of measurement and payment of work. For as long as R&E has been providing design services, we have also been providing construction management and construction engineering services. These services have included construction management on private projects and municipal projects consisting of local, state and federal funding. We have made a conscious decision to involve all of our design engineers in construction management. This allows those individuals to have a better understanding of how to prepare designs and specifications to avoid issues as noted above and many more. Additionally we involve our inspection staff in constructability reviews of our plans and specifications before they are let out to bid, again, helping to further avoid construction issues in the field.


Specialty Experience

Notably, our years of experience specializing as municipal consultants has allowed us to develop an understanding of the unique skills needed to successfully manage your project.  Following are some of the specialty experience of R&E’s project management team.

HMA Acceptance & Composite Pay Factors
Through our continuing dialog with the WSDOT materials laboratory, we have helped identify inconsistencies with DOT and APWA specifications and developed an understanding of proper HMA acceptance testing as well as composite pay factors (CPF) calculations for both quality and compaction.

A point of great pride at R&E is our attention to detail during a project’s documentation process. In fact, we were informed by a WSDOT NW Region representative that the only two material documentation audits in which they had no findings were projects managed by R&E.  Furthermore, we have been the construction manager on one of only a handful of projects selected for FHWA billing reviews in the northwest, we know firsthand the documentation process needed if your project is federally funded.  Notably, an FHWA billing review of R&E documentation on a recent ARRA project noted no findings or deficiencies!


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